About us

Our history

Blo-Ke Burger was born 2022

Entering the burger market with the “smash” style Blo-Ke Burger. Blo-Ke Burger expands the virtual restaurant portfolio of the G&N Brands holding company.


Barrio Chick’en was born 2021

With a menu focused on fried chicken preparations, this brand expands the presence of G&N Brands in the virtual restaurant format.


Lovdo was born 2020

Exploring new markets, Lovdo was born as a virtual restaurant with a rapid expansion in the country. Its impact was so great that in November 2021, just one year after, this brand opens its first on-site store.


Tommy Beans was born 2009

Focused on the concept of Mexican food, Tommy Beans has won the hearts of customers looking for a menu prepared "to their own taste".


Mamut was born 1998

Born as a gastronomic bet, Mamut took its first steps in Concepción, where it delights its clients with exquisite ribs, burger drinks and "casual dining" options.


Doggis was born 1991

With a diverse menu based on the Chilean hot dog, the first Doggis in history was launched in the heart of the Ahumada neighborhood, this brand is forever in the hearts of Chileans.


Juan Maestro was born 1983

Juan Maestro was launched in the heart of Santiago: a place with the tradition  of the Master Chef, with a strong focus on Chilean sandwiches.