More about Doggis

Doggis is a brand within the hearts of Chileans. Doggies specializes in Hot Dogs and icecreams, where their traditional cheese sauce stands out and the Hurricane icecream is their top  product.

More about Juan Maestro

Juan Maestro specializes in traditional Chilean Sandwiches. Freshly baked bread and homemade mayonnaise with the Chef´s secret meat preparations.

More about Mamut

Mamut is a place where you go to share. With delicious ribs, a delightful menu of dishes and drinks, this restaurant chain leads the concept of "casual dining".

More about Tommy Beans

Tommy Beans is an option for customers looking for a customized menu. With a wide choice of Mexican flavors, it delights its visitors with exquisite burritos, tacos, and bowls.

More about Lovdo

With hand crafted doughs and fresh ingredients, this brand delights its customers with combination of flavors, urban character and a great outdoor spirit.

More about Barrio Chick'en

Barrio Chick'en brings true flavor to the neighborhood. Specializing in sandwiches and menus based on fried chicken, it’s popular in the neighbourhood thanks to its crunchy and delicious preparations.

More about Blo-Ke Burger

Blo-Ke Burger is a true Blo-Ke of flavor. Delicious burgers prepared using the "smash" technique, the combos include innovative fried vegetables sides. Blo-Ke Burger is 


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