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Mamut is the ideal place to share. With 21 stores, it offers the best ribs and burgers to share.

Located in shopping centers and high flow points, Mamut is the ideal place to enjoy a casual dining menu. It currently has 23 stores distributed in Santiago, Antofagasta, Curicó, Concepción and Punta Arenas. Mamut's specialty are ribs, burgers, appetizers and drinks to share in groups. The menu can be enjoyed in the restaurant, via pick up and delivery. In addition, due to the configuration of its premises, it is ideal for hosting other brands in a virtual restaurant format.

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It is a Blo-Ke of flavor. Our burgers are prepared with a smash technique making it irresistible. Blo-Ke Burger #Smashlicious

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At Lovdo we love pizza. Its authentic dough and fresh ingredients enhance its outdoor and urban spirit.

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Juan Maestro is a brand specialized in Chilean sandwiches, with almost 100 stores distributed in every chilean region.

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With more than 166 stores, Doggis offers its delicious hot dogs and ice cream´s menu from Arica to Punta Arenas.

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With a "tex mex" concept, Tommy Beans delights with burritos, tacos and customized bowls for every client.

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With Barrio Chick'en, the neighborhood´s true flavor has arrived! The chicken menus are irresistible.

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