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We landed in Mexico

We are the largest gastronomic opportunity and franchise holding company in the country. With a Chilean origin, we have been setting trends in the market for more than 30 years.

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It is a Blo-Ke of flavor. Our burgers are prepared with a smash technique making it irresistible. Blo-Ke Burger #Smashlicious

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At Lovdo we love pizza. Its authentic dough and fresh ingredients enhance its outdoor and urban spirit.

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Mamut Restaurant offers exceptional casual dining experiences with delicious Ribs, hamburgers, and cocktails, catering to everyone's tastes.

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Juan Maestro specializes in Chilean sandwiches made with freshly baked bread and premium meats, reflecting tradition and passion

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Doggis provides diverse options for every taste and budget, known for its unique flavors and the best Hot Dog.

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Tommy Beans specializes in Mexican-Grill style preparations, offering burritos, tacos, and bowls with fresh ingredients and a secret Guacamole recipe.

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Barrio Chick’en offers crispy chicken sandwiches and a variety of products, aiming to become the neighborhood favorite.

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