G&N Brands continues to grow in Mexico: plans aim to open 100 stores in three years for Doggis, Barrio Chick'en, and Tommy Beans.


The first quarter of 2024 kicked off with a bang at G&N Brands! This is because in March, we inaugurated the first Barrio Chick’en in Guadalajara. This milestone represents a crucial step in our strategic expansion plan in Mexico, as well as the strengthening of our alliance with Grupo Flecha Amarilla.

Furthermore, the launch is a concrete demonstration of our commitment and dedication, all with the aim of gaining more presence in that country: a plan we have pursued since our first steps with the opening of the first Doggis and Barrio Chick'en stores at the Querétaro terminal, which led us to close last year with seven points of sale, also adding the cities of León and Guadalajara.


Growth plan of over 100 locations.


Our CFO, Mariano Santiago, emphasized the importance of location selection for the success of a chain and future plans: “The key lies in choosing strategic locations that guarantee a constant flow of customers, and in that sense, we are conducting an exhaustive search for the most suitable sites. Our plan involves the opening of 100 locations within a 36-month period, incorporating our Tommy Beans brand into the already established ones in Mexico: Doggis and Barrio Chick'en.”

As a team, we have managed to build a path of success and growth, and today, we are facing the beginning of a new stage for G&N Brand. Let's move forward with enthusiasm to write this new chapter of our community.

On the other hand, if you are interested in franchising any of our brands, both in Chile, Mexico, and the United States, do not hesitate to contact us at franquicias@gnbrands.com.



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